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Best Steroids for Big Arms

Literally, which male on this earth wouldn’t want to have big arms?

A guy who’s jacked oozes testosterone and masculinity. Other guys instantly respect the alpha in the room and girls go all giddy.

…unfortunately though, most of us wear clothes during the day, meaning our muscles are hidden away.

However, this is why so many people obsess about having big arms…because they’re still highly visible in a t-shirt. Sure, a six pack is cool in the summer when you’re walking around half naked…but big arms are noticed all-year round baby.

Gym rats literally covet big arms – to the point where they’d even entertain the idea of an 8 hour arm workout.
There’s a short and long answer to this.

The short one:

Any steroid which has anabolic (muscle-building) properties will give you bigger arms.

Simply because these compounds will help you build muscle all over.

If you want to be more precise; the most powerful steroids you can take to get big arms are bulking steroids. These will give you the biggest surges in testosterone and protein synthesis – helping you build the most muscle.

Testosterone & Trenbolone

There are 4 main muscles in your arm which are: your deltoids, biceps, triceps and forearms.

There are certain steroids which are better than others for giving you BOULDER shoulders. After all, this article is about how to get big arms, not how to get huge biceps and tiny shoulders.

Because there are more androgen receptors located in your deltoids (shoulders), taking more androgenic steroids will cause more muscle growth.

Coincidentally, users who’ve combined tren and test together often say this combo’s up there with some of the best cycles they’ve ever ran.

2 other benefits of taking testosterone and trenbolone together is not only will your arms get SWOLE, but they’ll also become more cut, I.e. more defined and toned.

This is because tren and test both have fat-burning properties too (hence how they can also be used for cutting).

Nobody looks at a sumo with 24 inch arms and goes – His arms are JACKED! But when the Olympics comes by, millions of men are in awe of male gymnasts…with arms measuring 16 inches or less.

What I’m trying to say is, your arms will LOOK bigger if you lose fat. So throw out the measuring tape and start taking note of what you look like in the mirror (real life).

Luckily, testosterone and trenbolone can help you build muscle and burn fat at the same time – giving you the best of both worlds.

Muscle Fullness

Big arms that are depleted of glycogen – no longer look big.

There are certain steroids that increase muscle fullness/thickness, and others that decrease it.

If you want to have big arms, you want to look full and round. Deca Durabolin is by far the best steroid for creating this huge/full look. Chul Soon has this exact ‘deca’ look going on.

Your muscles will appear so full and thick, they’ll almost look three dimensional.

Other bulking compounds like tren/dianabol/testosterone/anadrol will also leave you lookin g full and pumped, but not to the extent of deca durabolin.


If there were 4 steroids you could take together that would guarantee big arms they’d be:

All 4 of these steroids will help you gain a tonne of mass…especially in the biceps/triceps/shoulders!

To maximize your gains, be sure to add a lot of volume to your arm workouts and train them frequently (at least 2-3 times per week).

The longer you cycle these steroids together the more growth you’ll experience. As a rough estimate you’ll experience 20-50% more gains in an 8 week cycle, compared to a 4 week one.

After a few of these cycles you should be able to add a couple of inches to your arms, if you’re eating well and smashing your workouts.

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