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David Christopher Palumbo is a retired American bodybuilder. He competed in his first bodybuilding competition in 1990, an NPC national competition in New York City, where he placed 6th place weighing in at 168 lbs. In just 5 years, Palumbo would gain 70 lbs and win the overall at the 1995 NPC Junior Nationals. His best placing in competition came at the 2003 NPC USA Championships where he finished 2nd place in the Super Heavyweight class.

Palumbo is the former Editor-in-Chief of Muscular Development Magazine. Today, Palumbo is the CEO and Founder of and owner of Species Nutrition. Palumbo is also contest prep coach for several NPC and IFBB bodybuilding, fitness, and figure competitors. He is known for his low carb approach to preparing his athletes for competition. Palumbo is also the founder of the S.M.A.R.T. personal training certification program.

Dave Palumbo (DP) answers this and other questions from his fans and also gives some tips and advices.

For the drugs that dont convert to DHT (Deca, Winny, Tren, Primo) what is the best way to group them? And what dosages would be optimal?


DECA (300 mg 2x per week) and PRIMO (200-300 mg per week) (8 weeks)
TREN (100 mg EOD) and WINNY (50 mg EOD)

You recommend the cheat meal be the last meal of the day. I always figured this was to prevent further cheating throughout the day. Is there any OTHER reason for it being the last meal? Say someone is very strict and can resist cravings, could they have a cheat breakfast if the rest of the day was in order? Thanks!

DP: You should have the cheat meal at the end of the day so that you don’t continue to cheat all day or miss meals the rest of the day because you’re too ful.

HCG for 2 weeks AFTER the cycle ends?


Dave do you have any recommendations towards AAS cycles for a competitive powerlifter? What are your thoughts on staying on cycle and switching compounds as a comp closes in?
Im considering:


Test cyp 600 mg/week, EQ 300 mg/week, Deca 300 mg/week
8 WEEKS OUT: Test cyp 600 mg/week, Tren 100 mg EOD

DP: Looks good.

Dave, I’m just about to start my next cycle and would like to get your opinion on it. Sustonon 250 EOD. 600 mg deca a week. 30 mg dbol ED. Anything I should add or drop? I also have Tren but I think that this “cocktail” should do the trick. Also can get my hands on anything really so if you think I should add something else I would appreciate it. Thanks man 

DP: I’m not a fan of orals. You could drop the d-bol and still make great gains; overall, your cycle looks good. No need to add the tren or anything else.

I am on test prop at 500 mg per week and starting on tren acetate at 8 weeks out @ 100 mg eod. does this sound fully achievable?

DP: The drugs only help. Your diet and cardio must also be ideal.

DP: My favorite cycle was 250mg of test and 75 mg of tren of every other day.

Orals are liver toxic and less effective mg for mg. Injectables are always more potent since more is absorbed into the blood stream and these levels are sustained for longer duration.

Dave, i was considering 2 stacks, sustanon and tren acetate, or test cyp with tren acetate, do you think one could be more beneficial for another for an off season stack

DP: No difference.

Adding a second drug to the testosterone will prove to be more effective. It’s the concept that 1+1=3. I recommend tren over winstrol.

You can start the fat burners at the start of the cycle. Start with 25 mcg of T3 per day and gradually increase to a max of 75-100 mcg per day. Then taper back down after the show.

Hey Dave I have a question regarding Tren. Do u feel that tren used by itself would yield the same amount of gains per mg as test would? I know u are a fan of tren so it would be interesting to get your insight on this. Also if u could go behind some of the science if u say yes that would be greatly appreciated.

DP: Test is the most effective AAS. There’s not much science required. Testosterone is the hormone your body naturally synthesizes and uses to build and repair muscle. Tren is close, but over the long haul testosterone is safer and more effective.

Can you please have look at this cycle, which I want to run precontest (bodybuilding) for 8 weeks? Your guidance will be greatly appreciated. I’m at 220 right now, aiming somewhere around 200 after dieting – folowing keto diet.

(I had start cycle 4 weeks ago on 500 mg Tprop and 30 mg of stanozolol orals)
500 mg test propionate weekly, 100 mg trenbolone acetate EOD
100 mg stanozolol injection EOD, 30 mg oxandrolone 3 weeks prior show

DP: You can drop the orals. It’s overkill and unnecessary. The rest looks fine.

If you have 4 weeks to cycle and are trying to gain some size with as little water retention as possible would you recommend test suspension or test prop with 50 mg of winny tabs ed?

DP: The water retention from 250mg of testosterone enanthate or cypionate every other day is minimal. You might have some at first but your body will adjust. This is easier and less painful with the same results.

Dave is it possible to just use novadex xt or formadrol for an ai during a cycle of test?

DP: Yes, it should be enough. TESTOSTOLYZE would be another good choice since it reduces both estrogen and DHT.

I am going to run my first cycle, 500 mg Test E for 10 weeks.

I asked on here last year some time if you thought a cycle would aggrovate my eye probs (uveitis) and you said no but stay away from the clomid and just to use Arimidex and HCG.

I plan to use the test – then for PCT i’ll use your HCG protocol of 5 shots of 2000 iu E3D. when should I start the Arimidex and at what dose concidering im just using these two items?

DP: Use 0.5mg of Arimidex every other day to keep any estrogenic side effects at bay. Take it during the whole cycle and PCT.

Here are some other interesting general answers from Dave:

DP: My basic guidelines are to go on for 16 weeks and off for at least 8-12.

DP: It doesn’t have to McDonalds! You should have another meal if time permits. Wait 3 hours after the burger/fries and have another egg meal or some chicken/rice.

DP: I’m not a fan of Anadrol. It’s very toxic and will kill your appetite (not good if you’re trying to grow). I would rather see you stack two injectables like test and deca or EQ. The results you’ll get on 250mg per week will be minimal. You might want to try at least 2- 250mg shots per week if you want to gain size.

If you want a really mild cycle, I would drop the Anavar and take 250mg of test and 200mg of EQ two times per week.

DP: I recommend that my clients take clenbuterol every day for the entire diet period (16- 20 weeks). Start off at a dose of 20mcg per day and increase by 20mcg every 2-3 weeks as progress slows. The maximum dose I recommend is 120mcg per day (always taken in 20mcg doses).

DP: I would recommend to a pro or serious competitor 250 mg Test and 200mg of Deca or 200 mg of EQ every other day.

DP: The acne is a side effect of high testosterone, not estrogen. You should still consider using Arimidex to make sure you’re optimizing your testosterone and not losing it to estrogen and DHT.

DP: Tadalafil (or CIALIS) works best to increase errection at 20mg every 2-3 days.

DP: I prefer consistent cycles using milder doses. A 16 week cycle will yield steady and predictable gains with minimal sides if you manage it correctly.

DP: T3 is the active thyroid hormone. In the humanbody, T4 is converted to T3. This stimulates your metabolism (calorie burning) and therefore fat loss. It should never be used alone because it can and will waste muscle if you don’t use clenbuterol and/or AAS/GH to spare the muscle.

DP: 250 mg of test and 75mg of tren every other day is a great cycle. You should still have the cheat meal if you’re using T-3. Your thyroid is still producing some T-4 and you want to maximize whatever is there.

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