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Useful “trinity” (Proviron, Tamoxifen, HCG)

I would like to draw your attention to the THREE drugs, it will be about PROVIRON, TAMOXIFEN, and HCG (gonadotropin). All these drugs will be needed only if you already have side effects or if they may be from taking anabolic steroids.


PROVIRON blocks the aromatization of steroids in female hormones. I.e. unlike classic antiestrogens (such as tamoxifen), Proviron destroys the cause and not the consequences. Moreover, in some parts, Proviron can also destroy “consequences” (block the work of already existing female hormones), i.e. it is also an antiestrogen. Add to this such a wonderful fact that Proviron stimulates work of globulin, which “binds” testosterone in the blood. This leads to an increase in the concentration of the latter. Well, we will not mention at all such trifles as an increase in potency and a strong erection. These are nice bonuses.

When to use Proviron?

If you have a predisposition for aromatization

(you had “juvenile gynecomastia” at a transitional age or you have a loose body, or you know from previous cycles that the breast glands swell hardening), in this case, 50 mg (2 tablets) per day is usually enough. In the most severe cycles (I have not described such here) you may need 100 mg (4 tablets).

If there are aromatized steroids in your cycle (this is primarily testosterone)

Then if there is a predisposition to aromatization, include 50 mg of Proviron in the cycle (starting from the 2nd week). If there is no predisposition, but you want to insure, then it is enough to include 25 mg (1 tablet) of Proviron per day.

If there is a strong decrease in the effectiveness of the cycle in the middle (after 4 weeks)

Then perhaps this is due to the “harmful” work of the globulin that binds excess testosterone. Proviron in this case can greatly improve the effectiveness of the cycle because it blocks the work of globulin. To feel the improvement, it is enough to drink proviron for one week (exactly in the middle of the cycle) in a dosage of 50 mg (2 tablets) per day.

If you are cutting (for competitions or yourself).

Proviron in the usual dosage of 50 mg (2 tablets) can seriously add rigidity to your muscles. That is why this drug is used by athletes in preparation for competitions as often as by American actors in preparation for filming in action films or photoshoots.

Moreover, do not forget that the less excess estrogen (female hormones) you have in your system, the faster your endocrine system will recover after the cycle and the less muscle you will lose in the process.


TAMOXIFEN is a classic anti-estrogen. If you ALREADY have female hormones in the body (as a result of aromatization from testosterone), then Proviron will be a weak helper. In this case, you need tamoxifen because it fights directly with the consequences if they have already begun to come out (gynecomastia, female fat deposition, etc.). I will not long describe all the benefits of tamoxifen.

Let’s better understand when it is needed. There are two points to this.

First, as I have already said, tamoxifen is needed on the cycle ONLY when there is already aromatization (you feel condensation under the nipples) and you need to fight it. In this case, you need to take 20-40 mg of tamoxifen daily. It will block the estrogen receptor, and the latter will not be able to harm your body. BUT you should not use tamoxifen “just because” (for prophylaxis) if everything is fine with the nipples. Proviron is suitable for this purpose, not tamoxifen. The fact is that tamoxifen reduces the production of growth factors in the liver (in particular, the most important IGF-1) and thereby reduces the effectiveness of the steroid cycle. Therefore, no prophylaxis with tamoxifen. It is needed only if “the world has already begun to turn”.

Secondly, in my opinion, tamoxifen is the best drug for PCT (recovery of testosterone production after the cycle). According to a number of studies that were conducted, only 20 mg of tamoxifen increased testosterone production by half (i.e., 50%) for 2 weeks. This is a lot. And this is very good after the cycle when testosterone production is lowered. It is only necessary to understand that tamoxifen will start to work effectively in this context not earlier than all artificial hormones in the body system will stop “playing”. I.e. you need to wait until the action of the artificial testosterone is completely stopped and only after that, you can take tamoxifen to raise the level of natural testosterone. To do this, consider the timing of the “life” of each artificial hormone.


HCG is an intermediate between your brain and testosterone. The Gonadotropins give your testes to produce testosterone. Why is it needed? In the middle of the cycle, when your testicles stop producing their own testosterone (because there is a lot of artificial testosterone in the form of steroids), HCG can continue to stimulate their work “no matter what”. I.e. your testicles do not “shrink” in size and do not “fall asleep” from inaction. After the cycle, the work of the endocrine glands is restored faster.

In practice, it is best to wait for the middle of the cycle and, within one week, inject 500-1000 IU daily into the muscles with an insulin (thin) syringe. This will protect your testicles from “drying out” in size. I warn you that this phenomenon does not happen to everyone equally, and moreover, it is always reversible.

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