There are many webistes selling anabolics and while there are several good sources, many of them offer fake gear. The following info you should already know…


  • Amps are difficult to copy, it is almost always real if in an Amp. However, if the lettering on the amp is easily scratched off with your fingernail it’s probably fake.


  • Vials have a metal ring and a rubber stopper. On many fakes, the ring can be rotated with your hand but not on a real product. Additionally, if you see any air bubbles in the glass that is not good.

Expiration Date

  • On all gear, there should be an expiration date and lot number. On legitimate products, they are burned, stamped, or ink jet sprayed on the box and or label. On many fakes, they are printed with the label — maybe not in the same color ink — but in the same print process. It is always a separate process on the real deal.

American Domestic Drugs

  • They don’t ever show up anywhere where you can buy them, if you do see them – they are fake.

Liquid Level Test

  • One of the best tests. When purchasing multiple vials or amps, be sure to line them up in a row to make sure the liquid is all the same level. On fakes, often the liquid will not be even in all bottles.


  • Take a close look at the printing and spelling. It’s almost unbelievable, but on there are often mispellings on labels of fakes. Take a good look at the quality of the label, that is also quite telling.

As always, if in doubt pass on the offer! You are ingesting or injecting this, make sure you get the real deal! It’s just that simple.